Newest Addition to the walls

Easiest project I’ve ever done. Fabric. Embroidery hoops. Construction paper and painters tape to get the layout just right. Finished in 1 1/2 naps 🙂




I bought all the fabric for about $18 with enough left to *maybe* make pillows if I ever learn how to use the sewing machine Aunt Kari gave me. {ahem. Ms. V when you’re in town *wink*wink*} The fabrics came from Hancock and a local place called Bernina in Stitches. The hoops came from JoAnn’s when we were in Memphis. How I miss JoAnn’s and Ben Franklin Crafts. They were $.99 and $1.50 a piece. Soooo pretty easy, pretty cheap craft.



I’m still Creating. Are you still reading?

I'm still Creating. Are you still reading?

For a sweet friend relying on the hope of Jesus.


The Cottage at Maywood

The  Cottage at Maywood

The Cottage at Maywood