Cake Balls!

The red velvet kind… yum!

You will love this. plain and simple. And, if you don’t mind to be a tad messy, they are easy peasy!

What you’ll need:

*Red Velvet Cake (or flavor of your choice) prepared according to box directions.
*Small can of whipped Cream Cheese frosting
*Candy Coating Chocolate such as Almond Bark
*Cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

First, just get a boxed cake mix. You could really use any flavor but I chose Red Velvet. If you have kiddos or are a child at heart, funfetti could be fun! Prepare you cake according to box directions

Enjoy crafting, watching Pretty Little Liars (my newest guilty pleasure,) fold the laundry or hang out with your hubby while you let your cake cool for at least an hour.

When your cake is cooled, crumble it up in a bowl. If you edges are hard and not breaking up, don’t include them. Just pass ’em along to your hubs or little brother for a snack.

Next, dump your tub of icing in the bowl.

*I bought the large cream cheese whipped can  on sale. But you only need the small one. I saved half the frosting for something else.

Now, mix mix mix mix. Forgot to take a picture of this… sorry! But did remember a picture of my hand….

Use your hands or cookie dough scoop to form your mixture into balls and lay out on a sheet lined with wax paper.

Throw them in the freezer for another 2 hours. All you adventurous types out there… DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. It will create disaster. Believe me, I did it once.

Once they are frozen, use a double boiler (I don’t have one so was resourceful) to melt candy coating chocolate.

Dip your cake balls in the coating and cover.Place back on baking sheet and chill another 30 minutes or so.



Black Bean’s Revenge

Remember in my Holy Hummamole post that I told you I love love love avocado? Well, I also love love love black beans. Therefor, black bean hummus… yes, please!

Be forwarned, there is no possible way to make black bean hummus look good. I tried. And failed. If you are ever going to believe anything I say, believe this. Black bean hummus is incredible!

Here’s what you need: 

*1 can black beans, liquid separated and beans rinsed

*Lots and lots of Cilantro

*1 can Chickpeas, rinsed and drained

*2Tbls. Tahini (found at natural markets)

*3 Tbls. FRESH Lime juice (I rarely measure, just use a whole lime)

*1 Tbl. Olive (or canola) oil

*2 or 3 garlic cloves, chopped.

*A couple “shakes” of the following: chili powder, cumin, paprika, black pepper, sea salt, and cayanne. Feel free to adapt this portion to your liking. . . I like mine flavorful! *I did not have a lime so used a lemon. It’s better with lime though.

Throw everything into your wonder machine food processor and process on high. Yumm!

If your hummus is too thick, add some of that leftover black bean juice. . .

Enjoy with baby carrots for a healthy treat.

Like I said, there’s no way to make it look good. Turn back now if food appearance is important to you. My pre-lunch snack nearly everyday.

What kind o hummus is your favorite?

What do you eat your hummus with? crackers? blue corn chips? veggies, like me?

P.S. If I started putting these recipes on this cute recipe card I designed, would anyone want one e-mailed to them? Just e-mail me!

Chocolate Goodness

My husband NEVER asks for anything, and I mean never. The man is totally content eating mac -n- cheese the rest of his life or wearing a t-shirt…. But, when he saw these on another blog he wanted them. And bad….

So, I made them one night and shared with my sis and brother in-law after a pot of veggie soup.

They are easy peasy. All you need is Puff Pastry sheets (2) and good quality chocolate (1 1/2 LARGE bars)

I used baking chocolate, but  you could easily use a Hershey’s bar to save a little cash.

First, lay your cold but not frozen pastry sheet out

Then break your chocolate into, for me, 6 equal pieces and spread on the pastry sheet.

Top with your other pastry sheet and cut them apart.

*This part is important* Close them tightly (so the chocolate will not leak out while baking) with a fork and poke holes in the top.

Place them on wax/parchment paper on a cookie sheet and freeze.

When your pastries are frozen, wrap them and place back in the freezer. Or, if you are like the husband, stick them in the oven because you cannot wait. Bake for 20 minutes on 400. I did mine about 15 because they thawed a bit on our drive to the sister’s.

Cover with powdered sugar if you like.


My sis and I talked about the endless options with this. How good would it be with a carmello bar in the middle? Or, there could be fruit preserves in it. Have fun and be creative!

What clever way will you jazz this up?


This post is for all of you who LOVED the hummamole!

Have I ever mentioned that I love guacamole and hummus? When I found this recipe from Gimme Some Oven I knew that I just had to try it. 

I take every opportunity to use my food processor. I think it’s my version of a power tool. It just gives me a rush! Ha.

This is what you’ll need:

1 can chick peas
1 ripe Avocado
2 Tbls Tahini
juice of one lime
1 Tbl of olive oil (not pictured)
LOTS of cilantro
2 cloves garlic
1/2 a red onion
chili powder and sea salt to taste

*The original recipe called for cumin. I later made it with cumin and believe me, the chili powder makes a difference and it’s a good one!

First, juice your lime, sprinkle some chili powder (if you like a kick, be generous, if not you may want to play Ebeneezer Scrooge for the day with chili powder) and measure your Tahini.

Tahini is essentially sesame paste, kind of like peanut butter but with sesame seeds. It’s a tad difficult to find. If you’re local, go to Earth Fare. None of the other groceries carry Tahini that I know of. You could also try Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods if you are lucky enough to have those.

Now drain your chickpeas. Loosely chop your cilantro (go with your gut here, I rarely measure anything,)  red onion, avocado and garlic. Throw it in the food processor.

I have a strategy for cutting avocados. First, cut through the skin. Twist and pull to get the two sections separated. Then cute several times straight down.

Then, take your knife (use a good one) and cut across. *sorry, forgot the pic.* You’ll end up with little boxes of avocado. If the avocado is ripe, you can just squeeze the avocado and the pieces will fall out. If it’s not quite ripe, get a spoon and scoop them.

*Another tip for garlic, just smash it with a can or jar. The skin comes off nice and easy.

While everything’s chillin’ in the processor, grind some sea salt on it. You don’t want the avocado to brown and they brown quick.

Lid it and process until your desired consistency. I like my a bit thicker and not so creamy. But, it your hummamole. You choose.

Delish! I eat mine with fresh veggies like baby carrots, bell peppers and celery. Or, you could eat with chips. Veggies are healthier, just sayin’ 🙂 It’s all about your choice for this recipe.

The exact measurements… I adore hand written recipe cards. I’ll pass them along to my children one day.

I seriously suggest you check out Gimme Some Oven! She does the best stuff.

Why did I make this recipe?

We went to a party to celebrate FIVE birthdays that happened within 2 weeks. One of which was my husband.

happy birthday from my blog, husband, it’s just a month late 🙂

The hostess, one of the birthday girls and a great friend of mine, Kristy.

The birthday crew. Joy and Janna (2nd and 3rd to the left) share a birthday with my hubby.

The boys made a floating fire.

While the girls played XBox Kinect