Newest Addition to the walls

Easiest project I’ve ever done. Fabric. Embroidery hoops. Construction paper and painters tape to get the layout just right. Finished in 1 1/2 naps 🙂




I bought all the fabric for about $18 with enough left to *maybe* make pillows if I ever learn how to use the sewing machine Aunt Kari gave me. {ahem. Ms. V when you’re in town *wink*wink*} The fabrics came from Hancock and a local place called Bernina in Stitches. The hoops came from JoAnn’s when we were in Memphis. How I miss JoAnn’s and Ben Franklin Crafts. They were $.99 and $1.50 a piece. Soooo pretty easy, pretty cheap craft.



An Easy Vase Redo

What a beautiful day it is today! I’ve got my windows open and the sun shinin’ in. I’ll be heading out in a bit to enjoy the sunshine. This morning, though, I had the itch to craft.

I haven’t done any projects in quite awhile so when I have the itch, I go with it!

About a month ago, I got this horrible vase for 97 cents at my local Goodwill. The guy wanted $3 for it and I said, “not a chance,” and haggled him down! Loved the shape, hated the color.

Just look at the close  up! Ick….

At first, I wanted to spray paint it. Then decided that jute might look nice. I’ve had this jute from Hobby Lobby for about 2 years. Got it from Hob Lob with a 40% off coupon. Cost me like $1.75 for the whole thing.

so, I just took my glue gun.

And glued away.

About 4 episodes of Pretty Little Liars later…

A brand new vase! For only $2. . . . score! Still not sure where I’ll put it, but for now

That was my bouquet from our wedding. I used silk flowers and am glad to be able to keep it. One day, I may put them in our children’s room.

Do you like it with the flowers?

What should I put in it?

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Let Your Light Shine

With my rosettes, I made this….

a cute little lamp

I had this lamp. I liked it, but it wasn’t great. And don’t even get me started on that ugly table. I’m also working on the little “table” it sits on. . . post coming soon.

First, I lined the bottom of the lamp with brown ribbon my brother in law had given me for my crafts. (Sorry, no pic. That part’s easy)

Then, I simply followed Little Birdie Secrets rosette tutorial to make my rosettes. * I didn’t have fabric glue and didn’t want to spring the $8 for it, so I tried tacky glue. Tacky glue does NOT work, don’t do it! Instead, use your glue gun and be really careful to glue where it won’t show. 

If you read my post on rosettes, you may remember my blue, brown and cream rosette. It’s my 2nd favorite, after the orange and cream. I did this rosette a bit differently than the tutorial. I wanted it to be more of a flower. I just sort of made “big twists” and glued A LOT so that I could get the fabric showing throughout.

They didn’t look very good together… I knew it was risky but wanted to try anyway. Sad day….

I used tape to decide where I would place my rosettes. I did not want to glue them before knowing I would like their positioning. 

After I had them positioned where I wanted them with the tape, I made a small dot on my lampshade to tell me where the center should be. (Can you see them? They are there, and tiny…)

I used my hot glue gun again to glue the rosettes down.

My b-i-l also gave me that upholstery tack. I love it in the cream and orange flower!

I did this project for $1.30… the cost of my fabric! 

I still have about 4 inches of each fabric. Wal-Mart will cut fabric in increments as small as 4 inches. I got 5 of each.

Here she is!



14 “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. 15 No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. – Matthew 5:14-16


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My First Big Redo

I purchased two of these uglies at a shop in Roan Mountain for $5 each. Same place I got my window pane.

Man, are they ugly or what?!?! And stinky! When we moved into our new apartment and sent them right to my mama’s basement until I could work on them!

The first thing I did, was take the seat cushion off. What a mess! Stripped screws, rusted nails and a very stubborn gal who would not give up on getting them out… what a combo!

I threw them on my mama’s make shift painting station and sanded them down… there was some kind of varnish on them that made them very slick. After I sanded the first one, my sweet aunt mentioned that they  may have lead paint. So, I didn’t sand the second one. I’ve had them out for a few days now and the paint seems fine.

Then, I primed them with primer my mama already had.

After I primed them, I painted them right up with paint we already had as well! BUT, I forgot to get a pic. So sorry!

While the chairs were drying, I removed the first layer of the seat cushion only to find there was more!

Uggh! I did not remove the final layer of grossness. I wiped it down really really well and went with it and it turned out fine in the end.

Then, I traced my seat cushion onto the batting I purchased from Hancock Fabrics and cut them out with a large bread knife. *If you purchase batting for your seat cushion, make sure you have something to cut it with. It will NOT cut with scissors or small household knives.

After cutting my foam, I glued the foam to the seat. This is not a necessary step, but my foam was thick and I did not want it moving around.

Next step and you may need some help for this one, is to staple your fabric to the seat cushion. . .

Those are my mama’s beautiful hands and we used her heavy duty staple gun.

Chairs were dry and now it was time to attach my cushions

to my chairs

Remember that I told you my screws were stubborn? Well, I did not want to fool with purchasing new ones to fit the hole or make new holes, so I got my old friend Gorilla Glue

I lined my chairs with the glue

Placed my cushions on and put heavy weights on the cushion to hold it down. I also had my papa sit on it for about 45 minutes!

And… Wha La!


Here they are in my living room! Chair 1

Chair 2. Like the “Love Never Fails”? My friend Kristin made it as a wedding gift!

Things I learned during this project:

*Spray paint is worth the extra money, if you’ve got it!
* Do NOT let your paint drip, hence the spray paint.
*Letting mamas help make crafting a bunch more fun!

Cost breakdown:

-Chairs $5 each
-Fabric $9 for one yard
-Batting for seat cushions $9
-Paint and primer free
– Wood Gorilla Glue $5 but I’ll use it again!

Total: $28

I enjoyed spending time with my mama working on this project. This is what I’m working on next…

Let’s all remember the great MLK today. “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars…. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” Love someone a little extra today!


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Come back next week to see how this

became THIS!!