Makin’ Progress….

To our Mississippi family…… We’re settled. Kind of. All boxes ar unpacked. And life is in full motion. Ben and I spend our days running errands, playing at the park, cleaning, and napping {a luxury for the tot.} He’s walking {and running when it’s to get to his daddy} so well; his words and sign language (please, more, done, eat…) are all coming along nicely. And, he’s discovered a love of small spaces. IMG_4760

I’ve been spending a lot of his naps looking like thisIMG_4750

{redoing a desk but not quiteee there yet.}

Here’s what we HAVE done: IMG_4783

This used to be brown. I sprayed it white and distressed it a bit. Love it.

IMG_4774Painted this accent wall

IMG_4770to this beautiful soft blue. Bought the chair at Pier 1 to go with the table when we have guests


This is my favorite spot in the house right now. I just need nicer handwriting for my chalkboard 🙂


Second favorite place: Chalkboard. To remind us what we live for.

IMG_4780I’ve taken off all the top cabinet doors to start painting them this weekend.

There is still so so much to do and it seems like we’ll never get done. Hopefully we’ll be closer before you get here!


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  1. Karen Crockett
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 22:53:44

    I always enjoy your blog Allie!

    Sent from my iPhone


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