Gratitude Tree

I’ve been seeing all these “thankfuls” pop up on facebook and blogs alike. Ever since I read Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 Gifts I’ve kepts my own little list. Sometimes regularly, sometimes not. Then, Jones Design Co. (one of my fave fave faves) posted a printable and I swooned. Did my own little spin…

I started with these materials plus my Silhouette. The first thing I did was wrap yarn around my wine bottle. 

Glue every 6 or so wraps after you push your yarn down to make sure there are no gaps.

Here is my end product.

I did a bit of funky toward the top. I like it. I may to another bottle completely spread out like this. 

Then I went to work cutting out my leaves. Did this while ironing so I didn’t “waste” time waiting for the machine to finish cutting… 

Cut a buncha little wormy looking strings… 

Use them to tie on the leaves. I tossed all my leaves in to our Halloween bowl and leave it sitting on the table.

Go out to the yard (or send your manfolk if it’s not too dark … Unfortunately  it’s terribly dark when mine gets in from work… and I’m not one to wait around until Saturday ) to pick up some cool looking sticks. 

I found my best sticks in the “leafiest” part of the yard….

Each night at dinner, share your “thankful” for the day. Cliff and I both do this and Ben’s thankful is the thing he smiled at the most that day {the hub’s idea} then write in on the leaf. . .  and we dated the back. }

We use the same leaf just because.

When you add them to your tree it may look bare {like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree really}  

So I simulated what it would look like with lots-o-leaves…

As I was working on this post, I searched for “thanks.” When I came across the passages in the Gospels I realized something I never realized before. As Jesus broke bread {knowing full well it represented his body to be broken} and drank of the cup {knowing his blood was to be shed for all those who would believe}




What?!?! The Son of God, the name at which every knee would one day bow, was giving thanks that he would die a death that was undeserved so that we might have eternal life that is undeserved. What a concept. Let me say this to you again….




He didn’t bemoan his “job.” He didn’t bemoan his president. He didn’t bemoan the agonizing death he would endure on calvary. He simply gave thanks.

“And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you “


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