Life Lately

Ahhh. I can finally say that Im adjusting to my new life. Mommy….all. day. long. Mississippi. Meeting new people. Slow paced life. Just being rather than doing all the time. I’ve come to enjoy my life here, most days.

There are days I just wish I could curl up in my living room with the sun beaming in with Staci beside me telling me how stressed she is about exams. Or go on a walk with Allison and Finn. Or see cute Raegan and Benjamin flirt while Kristy and I have Barbs. Or, walking into my office for two hours before heading to see the high school kiddos. Michelle and Calvin I think about on a daily basis and yearn for Bear to attack my leg when I come in the door. Kristin. Oh Kristin who really gets me and can encourage me with two words. And so many others. I cannot say how much I would love to chase Luke around sis’s new house {that I still haven’t seen} or have nana ask me yet again to hold Benjamin knowing he’s too squirmy for her. All that made up my life. A life that I loved.

Life is new here. I have hours on end to spend time studying and for the first time in my life I enjoy it! Somedays, I want to run out the house and leave all my responsibilities. Today is not one of those days. Today, I think I could watch Benjamin waller around all day long and not get tired of it. We are starting to make a life here and I’m starting to like it and know there will be things I’ll miss when we leave. . . more than just Cliff’s family which has always been on the “positives list.”

Finding a church has played in incredible mood in my spirits lifting. Only been there two weeks but have met more people than my sweet baby boy has toes! And maybe fingers too. I am a creature of community. When I have it, I grow, I feel alive. I’m starting to get that back and cannot say how thankful I am for that.

Our little Squawk is not so squawky any more and spends his days blabbering and now doing what I call the pterodactyl (who knew it had a p?) shrill! He finds ways to put any blanket he comes in contact with over his face and is constantly grabbing anything in his reach. He giggles and wrestles the sheep his daddy bought him before we knew he was a he. He hugs Eeyore all the time and still prefers watching daddy over any activity I could offer. He’s becoming a little boy, not a baby. Watch out world, this kid’s gonna be trouble. I can already tell he has his daddy’s mischief and his mommy’s enjoyment of people. Deadly combo. This will make for funny stories.

I saw this in our lake yesterday afternoon… 

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