The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. {Memphis}


My great friends {Chris and Leanne} are incredible. They are working in Cambodia. Chris teaching students. Leanne helping stop human trafficking and educate the people of Phnom Phen. I spent 2.5 months with Leanne in Africa 7 years ago and have remained great friends with her. LOVE her. More than I could say. Anyway, they do this thing they call winners and losers. I’m stealing the idea for my time here in Memphie. We’ll start with the positive.

The Good:

  • Target: seriously, Johnson City. Get with the times and open a Super Target. Is it shameful that Target is currently my best friend? If you saw this Target you’d understand.
  • Mamaw. Goes to the grocery with me. Fixed us food when we hadn’t been to the grocery. Loves Benjamin Squawk just as much as my sweet mama.
  • The homestead. I’ll post pictures soon. Promise. Ms. Vicki and I are even going to have a little veggie and herb garden. Never done that before.
  • Ms. V’s exercise class. I have officially retired the preggo pants.
  • Cliff’s job. Free popcorn and “freestyle” . . . those fancy pants Coke machines that let you add flavors.
  • The park. Have chatted with the sweetest people there. Even flagged down a police officer who did not make fun of me for asking to help a hurt duck.
  • This weather. Not humid yet, in the mid to high 60s and several days without a cloud in the sky.
  • Fellowship Memphis. The church we just might call home for our time here. Multiracial body. When you read the ugly you’ll understand why this is so important to us! Bigger than we’d like, but in no way feels like a machine.
  • Benjamin. Smiling. Laughing. Having so much fun with him.
  • Realizing I had more good than I thought I would when i stopped to think about it.

The Bad:

  • Traffic. Like Roan Street at Christmas bad. All. the. time.
  • Missing Earth Fare
  • The price of organic milk. $7.50 a gallon!
  • Not getting to go to my mama’s or my sister’s whenever the heck we want.
  • Which means I don’t get to see my favorite ray of sunshine, nephew Lukie.
  • Not quite fitting into my pre-preggo pants which leaves me somewhat pantsless. Don’t worry. I do wear pants, they’re just a big snug. I now understand why moms wear high waisted pants.

The Ugly:

  • The segregation. Unfortunately, most crime is committed by people who are not white. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want white people out committing crimes either. It seems like an injustice to me that so many people have fought and lost their lives just for the majority of uneducated and poor folks to be minorities. I hate it. It’s ugly. I never realized it before.  That’s why the multiracial church is so important to us. This place needs Jesus bad. And not the smiley happy Jesus of church culture. The Jesus who came with a sword to end injustice and oppression of His people. We want to be a part of that here in one of the most segregated cities in our country. Memphis needs your prayers. Memphis needs Him.
  • Memphis was listed as one of the top 20  most miserable place to live by Forbes, MSN, yahoo, xfinity…

Sneak peek of our little place…


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