What’s Been Goin’ On?

My friend Patrick got married in January (I NEVER said I did things on time) and I’ve had this idea in mind for him and his new wifey for awhile. She’s adorable but I haven’t met her; facebook told me. He’s a brainiac and we survived high school together. He deserves a nice gift for putting up with me during that phase and being my friend.

So, I made him this… No tutorial but I used my Silhouette! Whoa. I cannot wait to start making things for baby.

In other news,

We spent a weekend in G-Burg.  I did a lot of this….

He did convince me to shell out some dough and set sail on the Titanic. Unfortunately, he went down with the ship. But I survived to start the Salvation Army.

Shout out to Mama P and Papa Al for the time share. We had a blast!

We enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at Biltmore and boy was it cold. Thanks to Missy and Brad for the passes!

We found out we are going to be Auntie Allie and Uncle Cliffo to our first nephew!

My excited b-i-l (sorry for the fuzzy picture, camera phone) shares the news with friends and family. My poor sis will be spending the hottest summer I can remember preggo. Luke is coming late July and I canNOT wait to meet him and squish his little face.

Cliff and I made it to year two of marriage! Whoa buddy…

I surprised Husband Pyles with a new guitar…..what a selfless gift from me {wink wink nudge nudge}

He surprised me with an iPod and iTunes gift card. Mine broke and I’ve been wanting a new one but never said a word. Glorius.

A group of us threw Allison and Steve a great baby shower, complete with chili cheese dogs and corn hole. Looking forward to meeting Finn in August! Al {the  pregnant one in the middle} is one of my favorite people around… you can tell she’s a lot of other people’s favorite too!

Cliff’s been in two weddings the last two months… I only got a picture at one. [Are we ever serious?]

I have gone from this….To this….

Are you for real? I still have about 5 months to go? Mama says I’m going to topple over if my belly gets too big. Now, that would be funny and I would upload a video for you!

It’s times like these I miss my best friends who have spread their wings.
I’d love to hear Sammy Sam make some ridiculously inappropriate joke about my baby or belly.

If Jessie Joy lived here we would laugh and laugh about all the crazy things that are happening while I’m preggo and then giggle about baby names and cute little clothes.

If Niff were here, she’d bring me back to reality and tell me to get over it and stop complaining. But she’d do it in a funny way that wouldn’t hurt my feelings. Then, we’d get Sonic and look at non-lame baby gear.

And  my precious Leanne. She would sit and listen and tell me about how great Jesus is going to be through me to this baby. She always says it like it is and has the faith of Moses leading the Egyptians or Abraham leading his son Isaac up the mountain as a sacrifice.

And then there’s Cliff’s family who live the horrendous 8 or 9 hour drive away. Let’s not even go there!

{Don’t judge me if I’m getting teary thinking about you, it’s the hormones} I’m glad you folks are where you are but I’m being a little selfish right now…. get in the car and come here, please?


There’s a really great music festival going on right now in JC. I’m too tired to even think about going. This madness starts Sunday….

I’ll be preoccupied for the next 6 weeks.

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