31 Pretty Things

Wow! I can’t believe I still have readers. Haven’t posted in over a month  and not a day without a view. Y’all are great and sorry to disappoint. There’s not crafty thing here. I’ve been working on a super special project that I’ll be revealing the end of the month sometime. Once I’m finished up with that one, I’ll be back in action. Plus, I just ordered one of these….


Eeeeeh! Excitement fills my crafting bones. Just wait for all the things I have planned.

I still owe birthday presents (yes Kristy and Rachie) to friends from December. And then there are the 3 or 4 wedding presents (one from January) and two coming up that I have to finish. Plus, I have a nephew on the way and my mentor just had a baby. Let’s just say, there will be no shortage of projects come end of April.

Anyway, the purpose of this post. . . .

I’M HOSTING A 31 CATALOG PARTY! A work friend started selling and I said sure, let’s do it. If you’re interested in getting anything (Mother’s Day is just around the corner, just sayin’) click HERE and go to “shop now.”

Here are some of my favorite 31 Things….


My sweet and special friend, TC, gave me this lunch tote (in a different pattern) for Christmas. I love it. . . it’s insulated and keeps my yogurt cool when I have to head to a school or go on a picnic. It even kept my whipped cream cool all the way to G-Burg.



I also love this tote and am dying for it in this color! Pretty pretty…



I really like this one too! My sis just bought it as her diaper bag for my new nephew, Luke. I sure hope I get to sport it when I’m babysitting 🙂

It’s open until April 22. If you are friend who doesn’t live close, make sure you put your own address in when you order or your things will come to me.

I wish I had better pictures for you, but you can view the catalog online. And, if you want an actual printed catalog, let me know and I’ll drop one by ya.


Happy Crafting and see ya soon !


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