Front Door Series Pt. 2

Well, I posted this originally around 8 last night. But accidentally deleted it this morning. OOPS. Without further ado….

Front door accessories.

Emily is adorable. I cannot get enough of her. To see her entry click here. To see a tutorial on this book page wreath, click here.

Love Shannon’s vinyl “Welcome”

She even hung this “No Soliciting ” sign above her doorbell.

I really like the pop of green on this black door.

The retro letters of this red and black door from Remodelaholic look great!

Wouldn’t this look cute at a wedding?

Speaking of weddings, we got married at a barn, ya’ll and two of these hung on the beautiful red doors! This hangs on the door of my office and in the spring, our front door.   My sis took this pic! She could totally start her own business.

Clearly, I like contrasting colors on front doors.

Love the bright springy colors of this fresh flower wreath. (Also used at a wedding)

Hope these wreaths can give you an idea for what to place on your front door. Come back Wednesday for the 3rd part of the front door series. Hint…. it involves burlap!

See you soon!

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