The Perks of Working in Education…

You may not make much, but get to home at noon when it looks like this outside… hehe, no snow!

SO, I organized our “junk room” and started on a new project….sneak preview…it’s gonna be good!

I went to the mall and bought this, now our home smells delicious10 bucks, ladies! Bath and Body is having a yellow sale. I may have spent the last of my Christmas money not designated to craft projects on candles, wallflowers and hand sanitize. I can’t pass up a good smelling deal!

Remember my window pane ? Here’s the finished product!

My Frame on the Cheap sits right next to a cross that I got at Hob Lob after Thanksgiving Black Friday sale for something like $4! The more I leave the frame, the more I like it just by itself! I don’t think I’ll add anything right now.

I like this side too! The teacup is super special and was my mama’s brilliant and creative idea! My Grannie D (papa’s mama who my husband thinks I am exactly like!) collected tea cups. My family lived with her and my grandfather for a few months when I was a kid. The mom and pops were building a house, and she would have tea parties. I LOVED her teacup collection. About a year ago she moved into assisted living and gave out most of her belongings. The daughter in laws (dad has three brothers!) and grandaughters all got to pick some teacups. My mama picked this one and several others. She gave it to me to decorate with, how sweet! It’s super special to me.

The little bottle is also from Hob Lob, the love of my life, and so are the berries. I got the bottle with the cross but already had the berries. They’re in my kitchen as well.

The shelves came from, you guessed it, Hob Lob and were $6 a piece (reduced from $12) and there were several colors. My super sweet hubby had to hang them for me since I cannot get the hang of wall anchors, thanks husband! The overall view. Shout out to the husband for making the bed this morning as well! I messed up the pillows while taking pics and didn’t fix them back. What can I say, I’m an ENFP. Google it if you don’t know what that means, you’ll understand me much better!

I also hung these… A Christmas gift from the mama!

Going to Michael’s on Sunday to get some craft supplies and will pick up a couple round candles to put on the sconces. By the way, Michael’s is having a 20% off your ENTIRE purchase Sunday 1- 7. But you need the coupon. E-mail me if you’d like me to forward the e-mail and coupon to you, I’d be happy to help ya save money!

Off to eat bbq with my sis, b-i-l, hubby and some favorite friends, Brad and Kelli.

Enjoy your weekend and, if you live around here, snow!

What do you do on snow days?

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