A Christmas Tradition

I LOVE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS. This was my first Christmas with the husband’s family and it was great! We spent 10 days in Mississippi jumping from house to house and family to family visiting. Tons of fun, but glad to be home. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

Of course, I missed my family and our Christmas traditions more than I can say. But Cliffo was sweet to take me to Christmas Eve service with his mamaw and papaw (one of my favorite family traditions.) And, I still have Christmas with the Boyes clan to look forward to on Sunday. I CANNOT wait to give their gifts. I did really well shopping this year.

It’s been fun starting traditions with my husband and developing our own family traditions. So far, I get to buy a new ornament each year and Cliff gets to do something random and I go along with it. Last year, we drove around looking for Chinese food at noon before heading to my parents’ house for real Christmas dinner. But, alas, I got my ornament so he got his random.

This year we started a new tradition with some of our best friends. Daniel was Cliff’s best man and I have so enjoyed getting to know Michelle more and more since I’ve been with Cliff. We went to Asheville to eat at a place called Salsa. Delicious. (sorry I forgot to take pictures, it was cold people.) I had a veggie quesadilla with rice and beans. The four of us split a chips and salsa plate with mango dill, tomatillo and roasted tomato and almond salsa. Delicous.

Then we headed to the Grove Park Inn to look at the Gingerbread houses. Every year, there is a competition at the hotel and then the houses go on display. Here are some of my faves. (Noah’s Ark was 2nd place winner)

And then I just got so excited, I forgot to take more pictures.

This was my favorite part….

Our friends are pregnant with their first kiddo. I am terribly excited to meet the sweet babe.

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