True Happiness is Having Wings

MMMM, Oh, I just love me some Ben Harper. He makes crafting even better than it is, if that’s  possible.

I made a “Merry Christmas” banner. I”m sure you’ve seen them all over blog world! But I am yet to see a tutorial. I just kind of figured that out.

I don’t have ready access to a sewing machine so went with scrapbook paper for my pennants. I like a more subdued look look, less poppy Christmas. Here is a close up of my paper choices. . . You could easily pick colors to match your living/dining/study rooms if you’re not doing read and green this year. This one is my favorite! I also have it in my window pane about our bed.

First thing is to cut out your triangles. I measured mine 6 inches across, then put a point at 3 inches and used a ruler to make sure my edges lined up. I made a pattern and traced them onto my craft paper and cut them out.

From there, cut your letters out. I have a Cricut but lost my power cord, so hand cutting it was for me today. I’m really missing my Cricut; if you know where to buy an affordable power cord please let me know… or a power cord at all. They are out of stock everywhere I look.

We also don’t have a printer at home or you could just print on your paper. Make sure you don’t print on the back with the hope of cutting them out. They will be reversed. I did that at first but my smart mama helped me see the light.

I pulled my letters up in photoshop and flipped them so I could trace them on the back of the page (just so I wouldnl’t have to worry about the outline.) If you do it the way I did… ONLY use a felt tipped marker/pen. I didn’t try a ball point but think it might scratch your screen. Risky business!

Once I got all my letters traced, I cut them out and modpodged them onto my craft paper.

I made sure that my paper and letters were in order so that I would end up with Merry Christmas and not Marry Christmes.

After the gluing was done, I realized that I wasn’t too happy with how the letters showed up on the paper. They just didn’t stand out. So, I outlined them with black Sharpie. Then, I punched two holes in each of my triangles. Then taped the end of my jute (use whatever you like… jute, ribbon, twited fabric. But tape the end.) It made the feeding so much easier. Then I taped the jute to my triangle after I had them strung on the way I liked.

Here is my finished project!

I had big dreams for this banner to display my Christmas cards but it just didn’t happen. So I was happy to be able to put it with my redone corkboard that my sis gave me last year for Christmas. This way, when cards come in, I’ll just place them with the others I already have on there. It’s my little Christmas corner and I love it!

*This is the board preChristmas cards

*Gosh, I have such a handsome husband!

I will leave you with some of my bible reading for the day.

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

Happy Crafting!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carrie
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 17:41:00

    Cute banner – I’m impressed! 🙂 Haven’t been to your blog before, but will have to check it out more often now that I know about it. Blessings!


  2. priskers
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 18:30:22

    Glad you’ll be stopping by, Carrie! I’ve been wanting to get a blog going for awhile and just never got around to it. I’ve been doing a lot of projects lately and wanted to be able to show my aunt who doesn’t live so close to me.


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