Gobble Gobble

Turkey day came and went. Now, back to the real world of an 8-4:30 job. BLEH! I had SO much fun this week spending time with the husband and the mama and the papa. Cliff and I got up early T-Day to do the Turkey Trot in JC. Why you ask? I need a goal to make myself keep running. Turkey Trot just happened to be a goal. I’m already trying to talk myself into going running today.

I spent most of the weekend shopping and crafting with my mama. I bought these ugly old chairs (picture to come in before and after post) and got this crazy idea to refinish them. My sweet papa had to WD40 several screws and it was a headache. After an hour or two of sanding, I looked like I was fresh out of the Chimney Sweep. HA!

Since I couldn’t finish them in one day, I decided to work on my window pane to go over the bed. I just got some craft paper and mama and I glued it in the windows. Here’s a sneak peek. Come back for the finished product in just a few days. . . the husband has to put the anchor screws in for me. I haven’t quite figured that one out.

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