5K, What?!

I’ve been training for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, a 5K in the city I live. I’m not really sure why I decided to get into running…. I’ve always thought runners were crazy! (except when I used to run in college, but always on a treadmill and not for 3 miles, mind you.)

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle but sometimes steer clear since I can become a little obsessive and “so healthy I’m unhealthy” if ya know what I mean. So, I decided to keep eating meat in my diet and run again. This time, all outside. Can’t remember the last time I was on a treadmill.

So I show up at this race on the college campus I work today. What in the world?! My first thought was, I’m outtie. There is no way I can keep pace with these people. They are running faster than I run just to warm up. And then there were all the really skinny guys with their short running shorts and shirtless chest in the 55 degree weather.

I will finish DEAD last if I do this.

No Allie, you said you were going to, now get out of that comfort zone.

See, I don’t like for people to see me doing things like this, especially when I am not as good as they are. I don’t like for people to see my weakness. And I was just about to expose it to the 50 something college kids showing up for the race.

I tied my car key to my shoe, got my $10 and went to the registration table to sign in. They gave me the student rate, sweet deal! First 5k and it was only $5.

The race started and within minutes I was alone, bringing up the rear with two other dear folks who I eventually *barely* passed. The hills were killer and I didn’t think I would make it.

But I did. I finished my first race of my life and, man, did it feel good. 34 minutes and some odd seconds, not that great for some. But to me, I did something I put my mind to and set out to achieve. I was proud of myself for finishing even though I was scared and felt alone. . . I did have cheerleaders at the finish line (thanks husband, TC and new friend Kris!)

My friend and coworker, TC. She did a 1 mile walk and stayed to cheer me on as I finished. Was SO glad to have her there supporting me!

Anyway. I usually pray while I run, reasons are somewhat selfish. It helps keep my mind off the running, helps with my breathings, and what else do you do while run? I find it a great use of time to talk to the Lord as I work hard at something. I used to debrief my campers with a thought of training for the race of our faith. All I know is that the race we are running in our faith is far more important than this 5K I just did and yet somehow, it often gets put on the backburner. Why is it that the thing which matters most is easiest to ignore when times get busy?

Hoping for a great Thanksgiving~


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