Praise the One, risen Son of God

Well, I am out of church today with a nasty case of pink eye <insert gross picture here.> We have lots of pregnant mommies and kiddos so I laid out so I don’t spread it. My sweet sweet husband called me during service so I could be there. After two songs, though, it was all muffled and I couldn’t hear. They sang a mighty Fortress. Man, I love that song. What truth and battlecry! So, I’m having my own service on my couch in my jammies with coffee of course. I haven’t even gotten into God’s word yet but am loving  my extended time with Him.

Right now, I am thinking about my dear friend. When I met her she was a crazy high school girl, more concerned about her image and boys than most other things in her life, typical high schooler right? As I got to know Staci as her Young Life leader, I saw God’s transforming power in her life. I saw a passion develop in her that was fresh and beautiful, full of God’s grace. Now, almost 5 years later, I continue to meet with her weekly and “mentor” her. But I think most of the time, she does more of the inspiring. Sure, she may ask my opinion on things that many college students wonder about–female pastors, tongues, predestination/free will. You name it, we’ve probably talked about it over Starbucks or on my couch. But she inspires me so much to continue running this race that God set before us and tell those in my life about God’s grace and mercy towards us. They just might turn out like her and be a force by God in this world. I am so proud of her and how far she’s come.

All this to say, it’s to God’s glory that my friend or me, Cliff or my mama, hopefully you can come before His throne and praise Him. God did not have to make a way for us; He didn’t. But He did and He loves us infinitely. We can never comprehend the love and grace God has toward us through His son Jesus Christ. We are made clean by Him. One of my favorite Jesus stories is the bleeding woman. A woman who had the faith to touch her and be made clean. Jesus responds to her, “your faith has healed you, go in peace.” (Read about it in Matthew 5. Starts around verse 25) What a beautiful picture. He wipes us clean and heals us. I don’t deserve it; you don’t deserve it. Please please take it and LIVE it. Here’s a song about God’s place and ours. One of my faves, my best friend Sam sang it at our wedding… Man can he sing! And so can these guys!

I can’t watch/listen to this without crying. Shew

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